Military Ranks

In this section of the site we will cover each branch and it’s rank. Click on the rank for a more in depth look at it.

U.S. Air Force – Enlisted Force
Airman Basic  Airman  Airman First Class  Senior Airman Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant
Airman Basic(AB) E-1  Airman(Amn) E-2  Airman First Class(A1C) E-3  Senior Airman(SrA) E-4 Staff Sergeant(SSgt) E-5 Technical Sergeant(TSgt) E-6
 Master Sergeant  Master Sergeant - First Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) E-8 Senior Master Sergeant - First Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant - First Sergeant
 Master Sergeant(MSgt) E-7  First Sergeant(1st Sgt) E-7 Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) E-8   First Sergeant(1st Sgt) E-8 Chief Master Sergeant(CMSgt) E-9 First Sergeant(1st Sgt) E-9
Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
    Command Chief Master Sergeant(CCMSgt) E-9  Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force(CMSAF) E-9 
U.S. Air Force Officer Force 
Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Colonel Colonel
 Second Lieutenant (2Lt) O-1  First Lieutenant (1Lt) O-2  Captain (Capt) O-3  Major (Maj) O-4  Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) O-5  Colonel (Col) O-6
 Brigadier General  Major General  Lieutenant General  General
 Brigadier General (Brig Gen) O-7  Major General (Maj Gen) O-8  Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) O-9  General (Gen) O-10
U.S Army Enlisted Force
 Private  Private  Private First Class  Corporal  Specialist  Sergeant
 Private (PVT) E-1  Private (PVT) E-2  Private First Class (PFC) E-3  Corporal (Corp) E-4  Specialist (Spec) E-4 Sergeant (Sgt) E-5
Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant First Sergeant Sergeant Major  Command Sergeant Major
 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) E-6  Sergeant First Class (SFC) E-7  Master Sergeant (MSgt) E-8  First Sergeant (1st Sgt) E-8 Sergeant Maor (Sgt Maj) E-9  Command Sergeant Major (CSM) E-9
 Sergeant Major of the Army
 Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) E-9
 U.S. Army Warrant Officers
 Warrant Officer
 Chief Warrant Officer 2  Chief Warrant Officer 3  Chief Warrant Officer 4
 Warrant Officer (Mister) WO1  Chief Warrant Officer (Chief) CWO2  Chief Warrant Officer (Chief) CWO3  Chief Warrant Officer (Chief) CWO4
 Chief Warrant Officer 5
 Chief Warrant Officer (Chief) CWO5