Basic Site Information

Q: Why should I join MilPages?

A: You should join MilPages because you want to be a part of something bigger in the military world. You should be a member if you think this site is awesome or you can contribute to help it become even better. If none of what is typed before this doesn’t sound good, then we ask that you do not become a member. MilPages is an innovative military social network that allows people to comment on articles, engage in the forum, build a profile, build a page for a cause, and much, much more. You have to be a member for the good stuff though and sitting on the sidelines is never fun. Come in and grab a profile and get situated. We would love to get to know you.

Q: Do I have to be military to join?

A:  Absolutely not! Even if you just have the support of our military we want you. You could be a child of someone who served or a friend of someone in uniform and we want you. We just don’t want Spammers, con-artists, and other people who think a spot on MilPages would be good for them. Tell everyone to join!

Q: Who can see my profile?

A: You have privacy controls on your profile to show all, some, or none of your information. You are in control of your privacy so please take the time to go through the settings in “Edit Profile”. As a default, everyone can see your profile. 30 seconds can change it to whatever you feel comfortable with.

Q: Is my information protected?

A: No it’s not. Just as Sony said their network was safe, and Google thought China couldn’t hack them, there is no “safety” online in today’s age. This is why we don’t ask for SSN, address, phone number, or anything that is truly personal. We try to keep it open and the answer is no matter what kind of encryption we use or promises we make, online social media is never protected so please keep in mind what you are putting out on the net. We will do our best but the reality is no one is safe online.

Q: Can I send private messages?

A: Private messages can be sent from one registered member to another in the forum. Guests do not have access to this feature.