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Last Voyage of the Big E

USS Enterprise, June 2011

As my author bio makes clear, I’m an Army guy, and I’m certainly not above a little good-natured interservice rivalry. Moreover, I’m an infantry soldier in a cavalry unit, and both groups are known for mercilessly ribbing…well, pretty much everybody who’s not infantry or cav, so I’ve had lots of practice. But that said, one of my grandfathers served in ... Read More »

The Broader Implications of Bold Alligator 2012

Marines of the 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion

Along the Atlantic coast in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are finishing Bold Alligator 2012, a massive amphibious warfare exercise. “Massive” is not merely press-release hyperbole; the exercise is the largest of its kind conducted anywhere in the world, by any nation, in the past ten years. The exercise, which ran 30 January to ... Read More »

Saving Iranians from Pirates—That’s Just What Americans Do

USS Kidd

Lately we have seen a new round of saber-rattling from the Iranians, most recently discussed on MilPages here. Yet despite the florid threats, and even despite the declaration by Iranian Brig. Gen. Ataollah Salehi that the John C. Stennis carrier group should refrain from re-entering the Persian Gulf, on 5 January personnel from the destroyer USS Kidd rescued an Iranian ... Read More »