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Book Publisher Gives Holiday Special to Military Families

Books for the Holidays

MilPages is proud to highlight a great opportunity for our readers. BQB Publishing is offering something unique for the MilPages community and we have borrowed a bit of their press release to showcase the deal on MilPages. Read below for a great discount on great books! As the world gets into the holiday spirit — putting up trees, decorating the house, ... Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Troops

deployed soldiers

Thanksgiving is a day of gatherings, parades, football and festivities. It is a time when friends and family gather together remembering all we have to be thankful and grateful for. There will be feasts fit for kings, laughter of children, jokes told for the forty-thousandth time and traditions started for newly formed families. There will also be tears. Tears for ... Read More »

What MilPages is to Me


MilPages was a brain-child of mine. In 2008 when I bought the domain, I just knew that it was powerful, full of passion, and something that would be a success. It was a tough road to watch me constantly putting it off for development because of lack of funds or a new project caught my curiosity. I probably had 4 ... Read More »

The Difference Between a Page and a Profile

West Point MilPage

One of our big changes on MilPages if you have been checking things out from time to time are the introduction of pages and the loss of groups. Now you can create a page instead of a profile so you can interact better. You can share admin control and highlight your unit or team if you want and still keep ... Read More »