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Benghazi: The Definitive Report to Rattle Cages


Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb published a new e-book just this past Valentine’s Day entitled: Benghazi: A Definitive Report. The e-book, released on the same day as John Brennan’s classified confirmation hearing to determine whether or not he will be the next CIA director following the resignation of General Petraeus, reveals intimate details about the Libyan Civil War, post-war re-consolidation, ... Read More »

The Conflict in Mali – A Primer


For over a year now, the west African country of Mali has been torn apart by a savage internal conflict.  France sent in troops last month, and President Obama has quietly deployed American military resources, personnel and equipment to help with logistics.  If there seem to be echoes of Libya in this operation – the U.S. supporting another force rather ... Read More »

Breaking Down the Communications Wall to North Korea

Peering into North Korea

North Korea has been known for keeping all kinds of information secretive. Even Wikileaks has found it difficult to gain information from North Korea for the past few years. They had managed to keep the news of their leader’s death a secret for two days from the international community, which shows how secretive they are. North Korea generally does not give its citizens any ... Read More »

Watching Iran in America’s Backyard

Colombian Naval Infantry Aboard U.S. LSD

Traveling in South America this week, SECDEF Leon Panetta took the opportunity to decry Iranian activities around the continent. “We always have a concern about in particular the [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] and [their] efforts . . . to expand their influence not only throughout the Middle East but into [South America] as well,” he said. He called what the ... Read More »