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Uruguayan Navy in Minustah Beyond the Scandal: Part 2


Beyond the scandal Uruguay is going through because of the Haitian boy accusations, it is fair to tell the world about the sacrificed and silent work Uruguayan Forces are doing in Haiti.   Since 2004 Uruguay is part of Minustah with the military components of the three Forces: Army, Navy and Air Force. In 2008 the UN assigned the Navy ... Read More »

Uruguayan Navy in Minustah, beyond the scandal (Part 1)


A few weeks ago the Uruguayan Forces at Minustah (Haiti) were involved in an unfortunate scandal. Five Uruguayan marines were accused of abusing a 18 year old Haitian boy, named Jean. A video with the alleged abused boy was taken and later viewed all around the world. Since the beginning, everyone who watched the video talked about the images as “a ... Read More »

200th Anniversary of Uruguayan Army: Part 1


The Stone´s Battle (La Batalla de las Piedras). This year, my country (Uruguay´s Oriental Republic, known by the most of the people simply as Uruguay) is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the beginning of the Independence process and is my intention in this, and the following articles, tell you about the heroism of the military who lead my people to ... Read More »