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Breaking Down the Communications Wall to North Korea

Peering into North Korea

North Korea has been known for keeping all kinds of information secretive. Even Wikileaks has found it difficult to gain information from North Korea for the past few years. They had managed to keep the news of their leader’s death a secret for two days from the international community, which shows how secretive they are. North Korea generally does not give its citizens any ... Read More »

Commissary Employees Show Customers ‘Your Family is Our Family’

Sasebo Commissary Your Family Is Our Family Poster Display

FORT LEE, Va. – When commissary customers enter the Fort Lee store they are greeted by a 20X30-inch poster of Produce Worker Mary Tench, the granddaughter of a World War I veteran, daughter of a World War II veteran, wife of a Vietnam veteran and aunt of a current-day soldier and Sailor. With these military bloodlines, she can relate perfectly ... Read More »

“Bath Salts” Latest Designer Drug

Bath Salts Latest Designer Drug

Designer drugs are produced to avoid existing drug laws and bath salts are the latest “designer drugs” that had become significantly popular on the streets. Packaging of bath salts states that it is not fit for human consumption, similar to the packaging of spice and included in the packaging are instructions of how to use bath salts in baths to ... Read More »

Brigadier General Walter T. Lord

Brigadier General Walter T. Lord

Brigadier General Walter T. Lord is Assistant Division Commander-Maneuver, 28th Infantry Division, Pennsylvania Army National Guard. He is responsible for a mechanized infantry division consisting of 15,098 soldiers, four major subordinate commands and 23 battalions, stationed in over 100 communities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio, equipped with over 5,500 tracked and wheeled vehicles. He assists the Commanding General in the ... Read More »