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Would you detain an American without due process?

Anonymous-Message to American People

I have been a fan of the Hactivist group Anonymous since they targeted a ring of child pornographers. I think that any group dedicated to protecting the freedoms of a group of people is a good group. Yesterday while visiting the land of Facebook I discovered that Anonymous has declared war on the US Senate.   The message is frightening. ... Read More »

USAA Roadside Assistance… and Spy Tracking Center?


I think just about everyone in the military knows who USAA is and what services they provide. For those who may be new to the military; USAA is a banking and insurance company dedicated to serving the military and their families. They do a ton of other things but primarily they provide a national bank and an easy to handle ... Read More »

The reason it pays for military to purchase airline tickets through the airline.


I normally read the fine print when purchasing things like travel insurance because, you never know what companies are going to insure. When booking my holiday trip through one of the third party airline ticket vendors (they will remain nameless in this article) I purchased their travel insurance thinking that they would definitely cover anything that was related to the ... Read More »