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Atheism in the Military: Growing Trend?

Soldier's Praying without Athiest

My Roots I recall listening to the Chaplain during a basic training invocation back in 1996. He was leading a prayer at an event and as everyone bowed their heads, I noticed that I was alone in not joining in the prayer. It was automatic for all the Airmen to dig right in, bow the heads, and give a soft ... Read More »

Air Force MSgt Craig Zaleski Needs Your Support

Help MSgt Zaleski and his family.

MilPages is more than just news. When a military family needs help, or there is a cause we can get behind then we utilize our platform to raise awareness and support. We hope you will not only share this and help us raise awareness for one family but also consider giving for a much needed cause. We strongly believe in ... Read More »

Drop Those Bad Habits, But We Won’t Make It Easy

U.S. soldiers walk in front of meal station at Kandahar Airfield

Upfront, I know it’s always an uphill battle as with anything in the military. Hell, you don’t signup because it’s easy. You sign up for the challenge. There are some challenges that I have to question though and figure out who is intentionally setting me and my family up for failure. I am talking about the new military, the one ... Read More »