Air Force MSgt Craig Zaleski Needs Your Support

Help MSgt Zaleski and his family.MilPages is more than just news. When a military family needs help, or there is a cause we can get behind then we utilize our platform to raise awareness and support. We hope you will not only share this and help us raise awareness for one family but also consider giving for a much needed cause. We strongly believe in military family and this is where it comes in. This family needs support to get through the hardship they face. Please consider making this a big share across your favorite social media networks and lets take care of the Zaleski family!

Craig Zaleski Master Sargeant in the Air Force and his family just found out that he has a brain tumor. They have to fly from Japan to Hawaii and stay there for 6-8 weeks while he undergoes surgery and treatment. They then will most likely be headed back to the US. There will be many expenses along the way and am asking for an outpouring of love for this family. I would like this family to have what they need and not worry about the financial side of things. Please give what you can even the smallest donation can and will be a blessing. Thanks you all!

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