Created by 2 military guys, Adam and Mike, MilPages has been a passion for both. There are many ways you can get your news, social, and anything in between on the net, but we want MilPages to be special. MilPages has potential to become a huge network for the military community and is run by actual people that served in today’s military. You have a lot of say in what we present and the platform is meant to get the most out of today’s information and interaction.

The servers reside in the United States, unlike many other websites, and the content is written by actual military members and their families. You can always be assured you are getting the real deal from MilPages and hopefully it will be enough to encourage you to bookmark us and spread the word.

MilPages is a destination to provide opinions, commentary, and personal interaction within the military realm. Unlike Facebook we are focused solely on military topics or those things that have an interest to the military people around the world. With that description it could mean everything from opinions on what the military is doing today, coupons and savings, international military reaching across to nations around the world, or just random conversation. We want to bring people together that have a common interest. This is not Facebook or MySpace.

Here you can submit posts (full blog posts) for other people to read, or manage friends and activity updates. We bring together groups for people to be involved in and forums for people to have conversations in. We offer you a smaller arena to get more of a benefit out of. We are not in competition with other social networks, but hopefully add to those networks by getting a specific theme in one location.

The site is open to all and we are not picking and choosing whether or not your connection to the military allows you access. If you are a son of a soldier, or a wife of a Seaman then please join us. We want to hear your thoughts. If you belong to an organization that relates to the military then come in and become a part of the community. We want all people to feel welcome to the site